Peter Warlock's Songs and Choral Music

Peter Warlock's Collected Solo Songs

Medium Voice

Volume 1 (1911-1917)
The wind from the west - A lake and a fairy boat 
Music, when soft voices die (2 versions) 
The everlasting voices - The cloths of Heaven 
The lover mourns for the loss of love 
Take, O take those lips away - The water lily
Heraclitus (2 versions) - Along the stream 
I asked a thief to steal me a peach 
Saudades (2 versions); Along the stream, 
Take O take those lips away

THA 978058

Volume 2 (1918-1919)
Bright is the ring of words - To the memory of a great singer
Take, O take those lips away - As ever I saw
My ghostly fader - The bayly berith the bell away
There is a lady sweet and kind - Lullaby
Whenas the rye reach to the chin - Dedication
Love for love - My sweet little darling - Mourne no moe
Sweet content - Romance - Balulalow

THA 978059

Volume 3 (1920-1922)
Play-acting - Captain Stratton's fancy - Mr Belloc's fancy (2 versions)
Good ale - Hey, troly loly lo - The bachelor
Piggesnie - Little trotty wagtail - Late summer
The singer - Adam lay ybounden - Rest, sweet nymphs
Sleep - Tyrley, tyrlow

THA 978102

Volume 4 (1922-1923)
Peterisms Set 1 (3 songs): Chopcherry, A sad song, Rutterkin 
Peterisms Set 2 (3 songs): Roister Doister, Spring, Lusty Juventus 
In an arbour green - Lillygay (5 songs): The distracted maid,
Johnnie wi' the tie, The shoemaker, Burd  Ellen & young Tamlane,
Rantum tantum - Milkmaids - Autumn twilight

THA 978205

Volume 5 (1923-1924)
Candlelight (a circle of nursery jingles) - Jenny Gray 
Two Short Songs: I held love's head, Thou gav'st me leave to kiss
Consider - Twelve oxen - The toper's song - Sweet-and-twenty
Peter Warlock's fancy - Yarmouth Fair - The magpie
I have a garden

THA 978251

Volume 6 (1925-1927)
Chanson du jour de Noel - One more river - Pretty ring time
Two songs of Arthur Symons: Prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua,
The sick heart - The countryman - Maltworms - The birds
Robin Goodfellow - Jillian of Berry - Away to Twiver - Fair and true

THA 978331

Volume 7 (1927-1928)
Hanacker Mill - The night - My own country - The first mercy 
Walking the woods - Cradle song - The lover's maze - Sigh no more
Mockery - The jolly shepherd - What cheer? Good cheer! 
Where riches is everlastingly - Queen Anne - Passing by

THA 978375

Volume 8 (1928-1930)
The passionate shepherd - The contented lover - Youth
The sweet o' the year - Tom Tyler - Elore lo
The droll lover - And wilt thou leave me thus? - 
The cricketers of Hambledon - Fill the cup Philip
The frost-bound wood - The five lesser joys of Mary
After two years - The fox - Carillon, carilla - Bethlehem Down

THA 978376

Volume 9 
Chopcherry - Corpus Christi - The fairest May - Mourne no moe
My ghostly fader - My lady is  a pretty one - My little sweet darling
A sad song - Sleep - Sorrow's lullaby - Take O take your lips away.
Items available (separately or complete) on special order

THA 978644

Study score: vocal line and accompaniment in short score.
Edited Tomlinson and Pilkington

THA 978508

Instrumental parts   THA 978630

Arranged Fred Tomlinson
Score and parts: tenor, flute, cor anglais, string quartet

THA 978619

Volume 1
unison & 2-part voices & piano
Good ale - Peter Warlock's fancy - Twelve oxen - The toper's song
One more river - Maltworms - The cricketers of Hambledon
Fill the cup, Philip

THA 978108

Volume 2
male voices & piano
Captain Stratton's fancy (TTBB) - Piggesnie (TTBB) 
One more river (TTBarB) - The lady's birthday (tenor solo ATTB)

THA 978109

Volume 3
carols for unison voices and piano
Adam lay ybounden - Carillon, carilla - The first mercy 
What cheer? Good cheer! - Where riches is everlastingly - Tyrley, tyrlow 
The sycamore tree - The five lesser joys of Mary

THA 978340

Volume 4
Carols for SATB
As Dew in Aprylle - Bethlehem Down - Benedicamus Domino
A Cornish Carol

THA 978341

Volume  5
SATB part-songs
The Rich Cavalcade - The Spring of the Year - My Own Country 
The birds - Hanacker Mill - The Night

THA 978342

Volume 6
I have a garden - Little Trotty Wagtail - Rest, sweet nymphs - Yarmouth Fair
Pretty ring time - The countryman - Jillian of Berry - Queen Anne

THA 978554

Volume 7
SATB unaccompanied
The full heart - A Cornish Christmas Carol - Corpus Christi
All the flowers of the spring - Call for the Robin Redbreast and the Wren 
The shrouding of the Duchess of Malfi

THA 978555

Volume 8
upper voices (2 and 3 parts)
The Bayley berith the bell away - Lullaby - Mourn no moe
Milkmaids - Chanson du jour de Noel - The first mercy

THA  978556

Arranged Tomlinson/Bishop from Capriol Suite

THA 978510


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