The Naxos Cd has been recorded by the Carice Singers, directed by George Parris. A review of their stunning concert given on 7 September at Hampton Lucy appears on p.38 of the Autumn issue of the PWS Newsletter #93. The expected content of the CD is: The Full Heart, As Dew in Aprylle, Benedicamus Domino, Cornish Christmas Carol, Kanow Kernow, Corpus Christi, Three Belloc Songs, i)Ha'nacker Mill ii) The Night iii) My Own Country, The Birds, The Spring of the Year, All the Flowers of Spring, Call for the Robin Redbreast, The Shrouding of the Duchess of Malfi, Bethlehem Down, I saw a fair maiden, The Rich Cavalcade, What Cheer, Good Cheer!, Where riches is everlastingly, Balulalow, The Five Lesser Joys of Mary, Carillon Carilla, Adam Lay Ybounden.

The expected release date will be in July and there will be an offical launch concert for the CD in London in September 2014. More details in the Spring edition.

Blossom Street & Hilary Campbell (director)

Making their Resonus debut, is the renowned young professional chamber choir Blossom Street with their director Hilary Campbell.

The name Peter Warlock (nom de plume of Philip Heseltine (1894-1930)) is synonymous with both English song and breathtakingly beautiful carols for choir. Here Blossom Street present a selection of Warlock's best-known carols alongside a number of lesser-known part-songs, with no fewer than six world premiere recordings.

Immediately apparent is the huge breadth of range seen throughout these exquisite miniatures – from the dark despair of The Shrouding of the Duchess of Malfi to the uproarious sociable songs for men's voices, and the imagery contained in The Night to the haunting stillness of Warlock's most frequently heard work Bethlehem Down – Warlock's lyrical and harmonically rich sound world is always evident.



© 2014 Resonus Limited
® 2014 Resonus Limited
Producer, engineer & editor: Adam Binks
Cover image: Supermoon (2013) by Cedric Thornton


This recording has been much awaited by those dedicated afficionados of not so much Warlock himself, but those who Warlock (Philip Heseltine) was associated with.

John Goss proves to have been an artist in all senses of the word. For many years, if not for most of his long life, Robert Beckhard (New York) wrote extensively having researched in depth the life and work of John Goss who, besides his great presence as a vocalist had other irons in the fire so to speak. Sadly, to date we have not as yet been able to capture what Beckhard left behind by virtue of his vast research due to prolonged illness and the lack of direct support for this quest.

Herewith an extract from the New York Times obituary:

"He was a recognized expert on the music of Peter Warlock, and served as a musicologist for the fictionalized film account of Warlock's life, "Voices From a Locked Room." He contributed an essay to the book "Peter Warlock, A Centenary Celebration," published in 1994. In later years he devoted himself to research for a book about the life of the singer John Goss."

I was privileged to know Robert personally after my move from England to the USA, realising that after I had settled in up-state New York, we were within hours of each other. Robert's enthusiasm for life and his chosen subjects (Goss included) will ever remain a fond memory. I spent happy times with him and his beloved Pat in Manhattan and at their country cottage in Garrison.

Robert Beckhard would have been more than delighted to have seen this CD come to fruition as I do believe that Giles Davies and he were in collaboration over the subject. It's a tribute to Robert in a significant way how in some way his vast work has at least been given some deserved accolade by seeing and hearing the results of this marvelous recording that pays tribute to Goss' friend Warlock.

You can find this on Amazon.com

I need say no more ~ Richard Valentine

1925 - 1951



Born in 1894, Peter Warlock was one of England’s great songwriters – described by Lennox Berkeley as one of the “most colourful talents in English 20th century music”. His output was prolific. In addition he was a distinguished editor and transcriber of a vast amount of early music as well as an author of several books and many articles, editor and music critic. He was very close to Delius – indeed was obsessed with Delius’s music and wrote a book about him, and also assisted Beecham in organising a Delius festival in 1929. He shared a cottage with fellow composer E. J. Moeran. He suffered bouts of depression and sadly he was found dead in his Chelsea flat in December 1930, of gas poisoning.

Gathered here are the original 78rpm recordings from the John Bishop Collection – divided into Orchestral and Chamber on CD1 and vocal items on CD2. John Bishop was one of the leading lights of the Peter Warlock Society, and all tracks have been remastered by Andrew Rose of Pristine Audio.

The booklet contains fascinating and informative notes, rare photographs and original 78rpm matrix numbers with recording dates.

Divine Art: DDH27811


The CD includes:

13.The Shrouding of the Duchess of Malfi – Peter Warlock (1894-1930)

Clerestory is proud to present its new, studio-recorded CD, Night Draws Near. This exploration of the mysteries of life and death features music inspired by the traditions of Halloween, All Soul’s Day, and El Día de los Muertos.

Our CD was recorded in the dark of night in late July, and gave rise to a new level of singing together. Highlights include two Shakespearean settings (Double, Double, Toil and Trouble by the eclectic Finnish composer Jaako Mäntyjärvi and Full Fathom Five by Ralph Vaughan Williams), John Tavener’s Funeral Ikos, four settings of Lorca poetry, and music from the Renaissance, Mexican, and shape-note traditions.

Discs are available for purchase by clicking here <Clerestory> and at all our live performances. Price is $20 per disc. For an additional $5, we will ship up to three discs anywhere in the United States. For purchases of four discs or more, shipping to any one address is free.

We’re proud of the eco-design of our CD jacket, with thanks to our friends at Oasis Disc Manufacturing. This “green wallet” design features 100% certified green forestry practices paper board and a minimum of 10% post-consumer recycled content. All inks are vegetable based, and the cd jacket is fully recyclable.

To save paper, weight, space, and costs, we have made all texts, translations, and notes on the music available online. Please click here for liner notes, texts, and translations. Enjoy!

PS: Go to amazon.com and search for Clerestory. You can download the MP3 version of this CD including the Peter Warlock epic..........'The shrouding of the Duchess of Malfi'.......truly a remarkable performance and recording.

Richard Valentine.

Lullee, lullay
Advent, Christmas & Mystical Songs

This is a recording performed and produced by Kevin Baum, tenor. A member of the North American sector of our Peter Warlock Society, Mr Baum sings works by Holst, Britten, Vaughan Williams and other composers who include three works by Warlock.

Adam lay ibounden, The Frostbound Wood and The First Mercy.

Accompanying Kevin Baum are Dwight Okamura, piano and Wenyi Shi & Dale Ghao, violins.

As yet this CD is not commercially available but I can assert with great admiration and confidence that it should be at some point in time. I can only urge any interested surfer of this page to contact Mr Baum (also a member of Clerestory) about how to obtain a copy of his CD. The musicianship, acoustic and choice of works are truly of aural magnificence.

I highly recommend this CD and welcome it as an exciting addition to the many recordings and re-issues of works by Warlock that have been rightly appraised as some of the most unique and notable songs of the 20th century. Recorded in San Francisco, CA. Recording engineer John Bischoff.

Contact Kevin Baum at: homerkevin@att.net


Vaughan Williams:
On Wenlock Edge

The Curlew, Sleep......etc;

James Griffett

Beryl Ball (piano), Mary Murdock (cor anglais) & Mary Ryan (flute)

Haffner String Quartet

Regis - RRC1316

Strings in the Earth and Air

Ernest John MOERAN

Six Folksongs from Norfolk (1923)
Down by the Riverside [2:29]; The Bold Richard [2:37]; Lonely Waters [2:34]; The Pressgang [2:06]; The Shooting of His Dear [3:11]; The Oxford Sporting Blade [1:26]
Seven poems of James Joyce
Strings in the Earth and Air [1:56]; The Merry Green Wood [1:19]; Bright Cap [0:54]; The Pleasant Valley [1:11]; Donnycarney [1:29]; Rain Has Fallen [1:26]; Now, O Now, in this Brown Land [3:52]

Peter WARLOCK (1894-1930)

Candlelight - a cycle of nursery jingles (1923) How many miles to Babylon? [0:37]; I won't be my father's Jack [0:37]; Robin and Richard [0:42]; O my kitten [1:03]; Little Tommy Tucker [0:28]; There was an old man [0:36]; I had a little pony [0:29]; Little Jack Jingle [0:37]; There was a man of Thessaly [0:47]; Suky, you shall be my wife [1:12]; There was an old woman [0:44]; Arthur o' Bower [0:44]
Three Songs (1916-17)
Along the Stream [3:10]; Take, 0 take those lips away [2:14]; Heracleitus [3:40]
The Fox (1930) [3:19]

Geoffrey STERN (1935-2005)

Three Wordsworth Songs (1953)
To the cuckoo [3:32]; She dwelt among the untrodden ways [2:21]; To an infant [2:20]
Four Songs of James Joyce (2001-5)
Lean out of your window [1:48]; Strings in the Earth and Air [2:52]; Now, O now in this brown land [4:08]; Gentle Lady [2:52]
Legend (1960) [1:21]

Paul Martyn-West (baritone)
Nigel Foster (piano)
rec. Rosslyn Hill Unitarian Church, Hampstead, London, 24-26 October 2005. DDD

The Curlew
Songs by Peter Warlock

Andrew Kennedy, tenor
Simon Lepper, piano
The Pavão Quartet
Daniel Pailthorpe, flute
Owen Dennis, cor anglais

The Curlew
4 songs with String Quartet
19 songs with piano

Original Release Date: December 21, 2006
Label: Landor Records
Copyright: 2006 Landor Records
Total Length: 1:14:58


The Curlew
Corpus Christi
This re-issue of the highly acclaimed 1931 recording of "The Curlew" on to CD is a very welcome addition to any true Warlockian's growing library. Bravo!


[1894 - 1930]

John Mark Ainsley - Tenor
Roger Vignoles - Piano

34 songs
Duration = 68'33
Recorded 1994

'Singer and song are ideally matched, pianist and piano part likewise, and the shade of
Philip Heseltine should gain contentment' (Gramophone)


The Curlew - Capriol - Serenade - Songs

John Mark Ainsley - Tenor
The Nash Ensemble
Martyn Brabbins/Conductor

Duration = 59'16
Recorded April 1997



Ian Partridge - Tenor
Jennifer Partridge - Piano

(Coupled with songs by Ralph Vaughan Williams)

Recorded in 1980


The Finzi Singers
Paul Spicer/Director

(Includes works by E.J.Moeran)

Recorded 1992


Allegri Singers
Louis Halsey/Conductor
Margaret Cable/Mezzo-Soprano


Recorded 1992


Capriol Suite - The Curlew - Six English Tunes - Serenade
Six Italian Dance Tunes

London Festival Orchestra
Ross Pople/Conductor
Martyn Hill - Tenor

ARTE NOVA CLASSICS 74321 37868 2

Recorded 1996


The Curlew - Lillygay - Peterisms, 1st set -
Saudades - Peterisms, 2nd set

The Duke Quartet
Philippa Davies - Flute
Christine Pendrill - Cor Anglais
Adrian Thompson - Tenor
Christopher Maltman - Baritone
John Constable - Piano

Recorded 1997



This 1994 release on the ECM label is unique! Not only is it performed by three of the most versatile and highly respected musicians in the world, (better known perhaps for their long tenure in the Jazz field) but they include on this album a tribute to Peter Warlock by using his piece titled "Pieds - en - l'air". Warlock scholars will know this to come from the well known "Capriol Suite". This 4:38 minute track concludes an excellent album and is a true statement that this is not just contemporary Jazz but just music...............wonderful MUSIC at that!

Check it out, the acoustic string bass has the theme and the whole track is played with a feeling of sublime drifting to a far away place.....away from the strife of this modern age.

ECM 1532

O Magnum Misterium

Twentieth Century Carols


Bennett - Byrt - Howells - Warlock - Leighton

Walton - Wishart

Recorded 1996


Capriol Suite

(Includes works by Butterworth and Britten)

Academy of St. Martin-in-the-Fields
Neville Marriner

London 421 391 2

Recorded in 1979


The Songs of Peter Warlock

Ruth Golden/Soprano
Levering Rothfuss/Piano

KOCH International Classics 3-7118-2 H1

Recorded 1991


The Curlew - Songs & Carols - Capriol Suite
+ much more

This CD was released during the centenary year of Heseltine's birth - 1994.

Just short of 70 minutes of music which does great justice to many of the splendid compositions recorded over many decades. Particularly special to Warlockians is the inclusion of his
"The Shrouding of the Duchess of Malfi" which is purely stunning!

EMI Classics CDM 5 65101 2

WARLOCK - Centenary Issue - 1994

The Curlew - 12 Songs - *Capriol Suite

James Griffett - Tenor
Haffner String Quartet
Mary Murdoch - cor anglais & Mary Ryan - flute
*Royal Philharmonic Orchestra/Alan Barlow

ASV Quicksilver CD QS 6143


Benjamin Luxon - Baritone
David Willison - Piano

Chandos recording - CHAN 8643
Recorded May 1988



Norman Bailey - Bass Baritone
Geoffrey Parsons - Piano

Decca recording - BELART 461 6082 10

Recorded 1977




A superb recording of gems! Warlock's "An old song" is so rare and perfectly played here by the Northern Sinfonia of England under the direction of Richard Hickox.

EMI Classics CDM 5 66542 2


Dick Walter - Jazz Craft Ensemble
Includes Warlock's "The Full Heart"


[Editor] As a lover of music from all over the world, without any bias,
I highly recommend this tastefully created work of art!


Roy Henderson - Baritone
Various Piano accompaniments

Includes: Sigh, no more, ladies; Pretty Ring Time; Passing by
Fair and True; Piggesnie; My Own Country; Milkmaids
Captain Stratton's Fancy.

Dutton - CDLX 7038
1999 Dutton Laboratories

"Created by Richard Valentine - Peter Warlock devotee"