The Peter Warlock Society

Instrumental Gems of the Renaissance.

The Early Music Players - Flights of Fancy

Of interest to Warlockians must be the
"Belle qui tiens ma vie" (anon. from T. Arbeau's Orchésographie, 1588)

This little piece is played in its Renaissance form and a great revelation to all Warlock scholars and followers of good musick. I am happy to be have given full permission from Kristine Lamb to reproduce the CD cover and I happily link to their web site with the hope that Peter Warlock can further the combined causes of "The Early Music Players" and the "Peter Warlock Society". I urge you to hear the recording of "Flights of Fancy" and take note of just one of the 6 pieces that make up "Capriol".



Created by Richard Valentine with devotion to the preservation
of the music and spirit of Peter Warlock.